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Managing Cultural Heritage Sites

By Anna Bensemann, Senior Planner, Baseline Group | Mar 29, 2022

Early consultation with iwi can assist in achieving a suitable outcome and help to manage our Cultural Heritage sites for future generations.

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RMA changes are coming, are you ready?

By Mike Vincent, Associate, Baseline Group | Feb 16, 2022

Beginning in August 2022, new Resource Management Act (RMA) regulations will change the face of planning in New Zealand.

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Hazardous activities, land contamination and resource consent applications

By Rose Leighton, Planner, Baseline Group | Feb 14, 2022

Have you had your site checked for past or present hazardous activities?

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Times' up on the RMA

By Mike Vincent, Associate, Baseline Group | Feb 11, 2022

Love it or hate it, the RMA has shaped the development of New Zealand over the past 30 years.

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Game changers for housing under the RMA

By Mike Vincent, Associate, Baseline Group | Feb 04, 2022

Game changers do not come along often, however the Government recently released a Bill that will change how land development occurs across New Zealand.

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What to do when you inherit land

By Kerryn Penn, Planner, Baseline Group | Feb 01, 2022

At some point in your life you may find yourself inheriting land from a recently passed loved one or from a distant relative.

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Housing Growth continues in Selwyn with Legislative Support

By Anna Bensemann, Senior Planner, Baseline Group | Jan 21, 2022

Selwyn District has long been known as one of New Zealand’s most rapidly growing districts, and this does not appear to be changing.

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Indigenous Biodiversity: what does it mean for a farmer?

By Oscar Savage, Graduate Planner, Baseline Group Marlborough | Dec 15, 2021

Historically, New Zealand has seen the extensive loss of indigenous biodiversity associated with original land development practices to create farmland. However there is an increasing trend, and direction through legislation, to protect and enhance biodiversity values on farms.

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How lizards might affect your new development

By Thomas Holmes, Planner, Baseline Group | Dec 15, 2021

There are five species of lizard consisting of either skinks and geckos present on Banks Peninsula and in the Canterbury High Country; four species in particular are either declining or nationally vulnerable, namely the Spotted Skink, Jewelled Gecko, Canterbury Gecko and Common Skink.

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But that’s the way we have always done it!

By Anna Bensemann, Senior Planner Baseline Group | Nov 22, 2021

Just because you have always been allowed to do something does not mean you will not need a resource consent for that activity in the future. Activities to the use of the coastal environment, a discharge to land, air or water, a water take for irrigation, or the use of the bed of a river may require future consent if a Regional or Unitary Council change the rules.

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