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We offer expert advice, competitive fees, and a no surprises approach with everything we do. Whether you need us for just one task or a complete package, we work together to help you navigate council requirements as we create a solution that will maximise opportunity through every stage of the process.

What we can help you with

  • Subdividing land

    Land is an important asset and discussions with neighbours over where the boundary lies between properties can occasionally be problematic. This is particularly relevant if your land contains trees, good grazing land, streams, rivers or a coastal margin. It’s helpful to know your rights and obligations when it comes to property boundaries.

  • Resource consents

    Our planners are experienced in helping our clients with resource consent applications and submissions. We work closely with councils and government agencies on a daily basis, and our inside knowledge of the consent process means we know exactly how to prepare your application promptly and give it the best chance at being approved as quickly as possible.

  • Construction surveying

    As soon as a peg goes in the ground a survey plan must be drawn. That’s the law, so consult with us first as we may be able to offer a cost-effective alternative that still gets your desired end result. Knowing who owns which piece of land is a seriously important and complex thing. Maintenance of the country’s survey system is the responsibility of the Government and any changes to that system must be formally lodged. That’s why surveying is so heavily regulated and the legislative framework we work within so strict. We ensure everything we do is ultra-precise and checked several times before progressing.

  • Engineering

    Our engineers come up with savvy and innovative designs for solving civil and structural engineering challenges, stormwater management, and design services for subdivisions to maximise space to allow for buildings, amenities, and infrastructure.

  • Landscape design & master planning

    Landscape design is almost always required by councils as part of the consent application. We can provide designs and project management in this area. We also provide comprehensive master planning design concepts for greenfield and brownfield developments.

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  • Understanding Project Costs

    We can offer you insights into the potential costs of your development project. Our approach is grounded in our broad experience in land development consulting. By utilising our relationships with contractors and suppliers, we aim to provide you with an overall understanding of the financial aspects you may encounter. While our estimates are general in nature, they are informed by our comprehensive industry knowledge and are designed to give you a foundational understanding of the financial dimensions of your project.